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Last Floriculturists

They’re just a handful remaining, in two little areas on the side of the Nemi volcano crater lake, suburbs of Rome.

An ancient background in floriculture made Nemi village renowned across the country. Nevertheless…

Road kills

Road kills is a series of fictional stories of human casualties involuntary played by animals killed on real road accidents.
The human tragedy is transposed to animal corpses to show the violent nature of this problem.

Ground Control to Major Tom

My unusual foray into natural landscape photography. Deeply struck by the beauty of this place, I felt in every way like travelling to a distant planet loosing often contact with the rest of the world during my two days solitary ascent to the upper plateau.


Short series of distant ships and boats that I’m sighting during my journeys – Unfinished

Jüdisches Museum Berlin – 2000

The Jewish Museum. Olives in the Garden of Exile with the Museum’s main building in the background. The museum complex is composed by two buildings, the old “Kollegienhaus” and deconstructivist-style building by architect Daniel Libeskind.

Frame 0

One of the very first photos I took back in 1990 with basic equipment and film Tmax 3200.

My sister while she was studying the first year of architecture. Inspired by her work, I followed her same route later. At that time I was messing around with high sensitivity film and chemicals to get a few pictures .

Guggenheim Construction Site in Bilbao – 1997

In 1997-98 I was living in the Basque Country and I had the opportunity to see and take photos of the construction site of the Guggenheim in its advanced stage.
The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a museum of modern and contemporary art, architecture by Arch. Frank O. Gehry. The building is made of stone, glass and titanium panels.

Monte Bianco – Mont Blanc summit

The summit of Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc at dawn – this is most likely my first aerial picture taken. I was heading to Geneva, Switzerland on a commercial flight and I had the luck to spot the giant at dawn with its peak blessed by the morning light. Shot on Ektachrome transparency.